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Honoring Their Memory: Planning a Meaningful Funeral

by Luis

When someone close to us passes away, we feel like part of ourselves disappears. However, it is important to remember that the memory of those we love never truly dies and that their legacy lives on. Whether you want to honor your loved one privately or celebrate them publicly, there are many ways to do so. In the past, funerals were often quiet occasions in which people were expected to mourn for a set period of time. Today, however, families are rethinking funerals and reimagining them as a way to memorialize their loved ones in a more celebratory manner.

They are choosing to bring their loved ones’ unique idiosyncrasies into the spotlight and focus on the positive aspects of their life that will always be remembered. During this time, it is often helpful to have the support of friends and family. Whether they are experiencing the loss themselves or not, their understanding can help you to process your own grief and move through the steps of mourning. Having a good support system in place can also be beneficial when dealing with difficult milestones such as holidays and anniversaries. One of the most important parts of the funeral service is honoring the deceased’s spirituality. Whether through organized religion or personal beliefs, this is an integral part of their identity and should be included in the funeral service in some fashion.

You may choose to have a religious leader preside over the service, or you may opt to ask someone who was close to them to give a reading or eulogy. Having a memorial space dedicated to your loved one is another great way to honor their memory. You can display pictures of them, flowers they enjoyed, or other special items that will be a reminder of them to others who visit the space. If you do not have the means to create a memorial space, you can also consider creating a scholarship in their name at their alma mater or for something related to their passions and interests. In addition to planning the funeral service itself, it is important to decide whether you want your loved one’s body to be buried or cremated and what kind of service you would like to hold for them.

Traditionally, the service has been held in the church or chapel of the funeral home, but you can host it almost anywhere depending on your preferences and the deceased’s. For example, you can hold a butterfly release during the service to represent the circle of life and the idea that life continues beyond death. You can also include a reflection song or ask everyone to write a message to the deceased on a balloon and then release it together. Lastly, you can use music to add resonance to the service and play songs they loved or were sentimental to them. By doing so, you can ensure that their memory is honored and that the ceremony is truly meaningful.

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